Environmental technology

GREEN SONICS is realised in the environmental technology with our ultrasonic systems for the improvement of biogas production or wastewater treatment. In this field of application, the advantages of ultrasonics are not used for plastics processing, but for the treatment of biosolids, such as wastewater and biogas.
  • Waste water treatment plantWaste Water Treatment Plants
    • Shortening of digestion process
    • Reduction of residual sludge
    • Increase in biogas production
    • Cost reduction
    • Elimination of operating problems

  • Biogas plantBiogas Plants
    • Increase in biogas production
    • Increase in degradation rate
    • Improvement of biogas quality

  • Other Applications
    • Disinfection of process and waste water
    • Disinfection of drinking water

ultrasonic system environmental technology Our ultrasonic systems guarantee low energy consumption and high effectiveness. They disintegrate extremely resistant cellulose cells in the biomass and are characterised by low wear and high durability.