Biogas Plant Applications

Industrial and local authority biogas plants use the renowned SONOTRONIC ultrasonic systems to increase the amount of energy recovered from biogas in an environmentally friendly way.

The integration of a High-Output Ultrasonic System into existing biogas production systems, increases their performance and profitability. The efficiency is improved by intensifying the digesting process, more biogas is produced and at the same time, the methane content of the biogas increases (up to 70% of CH4 component).

Initial condition:

  • Increasing importance of energy recovery by the fermentation of organic substrates (biosolids) in so-called biogas plants
  • High potential for the recovery of biogas from biosolids in Germany
  • Low profitability of the biogas plants in spite of the particularly beneficial compensation arrangement under the new Electricity Feed Act
    • Increases in the cost of raw materials
    • Low efficiency (low biogas yield per mass of biosolids used)
  • Increased cost-effectiveness is possible by
    • Intensifying the fermentation process
    • Increasing the methane content of the biogas


  • Poor operating result
  • Marked variation and low degrees of degradation (in practice below 50% in some cases)


  • Sonication of biosolids
  • Generation of cavitation within the biosolids
  • Changing the structure of the biomass
    • Splitting organic cells, bacteria, fungi through high shearing forces
    • Releasing contents of cells
  • Simplification and intensification of fermentation


  • Increased profitability of biogas installations
  • Increased biogas production (up to 50%)
  • Shortening of digestion time (up to 60%)
  • Substrate savings or reduction in non-fermented substrate (up to 30%)
  • Reduction of fermentation residue for disposal (up to 30%)

Subject to alterations.

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