High-Output Ultrasonic System

SONOTRONIC's High-Output Ultrasonic System increases the efficiency and yield in the treatment of biosolids. They can be adapted to almost all sizes of plants, thanks to the modular structure of the ultrasonic systems.

The cost-effectiveness of waste water treatment plants or plants for generating biogases, from which energy can be derived, is improved considerably by the sonication of the biosolids, without polluting the environment.

In the SONOTRONIC High-Output Ultrasonic System, the biomass is sonificated at a frequency of 20 kHz. This produces very powerful effects, such as cell disintegration, disinfection, decomposition of polymers and release of enzymes. The reaction area is optimised to achieve homogeneous cavitation throughout the flow area. The ultrasonic system itself itself consists of a reactor tank and five ultrasonic generators producing the energy for the five ultrasonic oscillating units. The ultrasonic oscillating units (transmitters) transfer the energy to the biosolids as they flow past.


Characteristics and advantages:

  • High efficiency thanks to the cavitation forces created by high-energy ultrasonic technology
  • Homogeneous cavitation throughout the flow area by optimisation of the reactor compartment
  • Volumetric flows with the standard module:
    • About 30 m³ of thickened sludge per day
    • Less solid-concentrated suspensions of more than 30 m³ per day
  • Low energy consumption
  • igh operating safety
  • No use of environmentally polluting chemicals
  • Low wear
  • Low investment costs
  • Simple integration into existing systems through:
    • Compact design
    • Simple connection system (standard pipe or hose connectors)
    • Interface with conventional pumping systems
    • Modular character
  • Great economic benefit:
    • Reduced digestion time (up to 60 %)
    • Reduction in residual sludge (up to 30 %)
    • Reduction in the costs of a waste water treatment plant in sludge treatment
      by roughly 50 %
    • Increased production of biogas in a biogas plant of up to 50 %

Technical Data:

Weight (leer, inkl. Schwinggebilde) [kg]



V2A (1.4301)

Measures (l x w x h) [mm]

1450 x 250 x 1126

Sonicated capacity[ m3]


Continuous power output [W]


Subject to alterations.

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