Waste Water Treatment Plant Applications

SONOTRONIC ultrasonic installations for sewage sludge disintegration are used in industrial and local authority waste water treatment plants.

The integration of a High-Output Ultrasonic System into existing waste water systems increases the profitability and improves the output of such plants. The processing of waste water with ultrasound (sewage sludge disintegration) stimulates aerobic and anaerobic processes. This also helps to reduce the amount of residual sludge and at the same time biogas is produced, which can be used to supply the plant with energy.

Initial condition:

  • Formation of biosolids in the mechanical/biological cleaning process of local authority and industrial waste water
  • No direct use or remove of the sludge in an environmental acceptable way
  • Total fermentation of the sludge in fermentation tanks
    • Partial decomposition of the organic components
    • Use of the biogas produced to supply the energy needs of the waste water treatment plant
    • Reduction of the volume of sludge to be disposed of
    • Reduction of germ-count in the effluent



  • Low throughput
  • Formation of scum and bulking sludge,
    • Impaired plant operation
    • Further deterioration in the fermentation result
  • Large quantities of residual sludge despite large fermentation systems



  • Sonication of biosolids
  • Generating cavitation in the sewage sludge
  • Changing the biomass structure
    • Splitting of organic cells, bacteria, fungi by high shearing forces
    • Releasing cell contents
  • Simplification and intensification of the digestion process
  • Elimination of foams, bulking sludge and scum by decomposition of the filamentous organisms



  • Shortening of the digesting process (up to 60 %)
  • Reduction in the amounts of residual sludge to be disposed of (up to 30 %)
  • Increase in biogas production in waste water treatment plants (up to 50 %)
  • Reduction in the costs of waste water treatment in waste water treatment plants (up to 50 %)
  • Elimination of operating problems

Subject to alterations.

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