Environmental Engineering

With the High-Output Ultrasonic Reactor, SONOTRONIC developed a product, which gives best results in terms of economy and ecology, either singly or as part of a system. The potential users are operators of local authority and industrial waste water treatment and biogas plants.

High-Output Ultrasonic System

SONOTRONIC's High-Output Ultrasonic System increases the efficiency and yield in the treatment of biosolids. They can be adapted to almost all sizes of plants, thanks to the modular structure of the ultrasonic systems.

Waste Water Treatment Plant Applications

SONOTRONIC ultrasonic installations for sewage sludge disintegration are used in industrial and local authority waste water treatment plants.

Biogas Plant Applications

Industrial and local authority biogas plants use the renowned SONOTRONIC ultrasonic systems to increase the amount of energy recovered from biogas in an environmentally friendly way.