Packaging Technology

Our systems and solutions for sealing, welding, cutting and punching different types of packaging are based on highly developed ultrasonic technology.

Ultrasonic roll seam module with cantilevered sonotrode

The cantilevered SONOTRONIC roll seam module is particularly suitable for continuous sealing and weld separation without interfering contours in the packaging industry. The roll seam module can also be integrated in existing or new machine concepts.

Head Sealing Unit KSE

SONOTRONIC now supplies, as a supplement, mechanical sealing tongs for the pure ultrasonic components for free head sealing of upright and flat bags.

Tube Sealing Unit TSE

The completely newly designed ultrasonic tube sealing unit TSE seals the ends of tubes securely and tightly.

Ultrasonic Sealing Systems for Tubular Bags

Our new ultrasonic sealing system for vertical (VFFS) and horizontal (HFFS) tubular bag machines is an innovation in packaging technology. It delivers absolutely tight seal seams and is extremely material and energy efficient.

Sonotrode Table: Ultrasonic Systems for Blisters, Trays, Pots and Cups

With the patented, modular sonotrode table, blister packs, trays, pots or cups can be sealed and punched in one step. This dispenses with subsequent punching machines and the packaging process is shorter.

Ultrasonic Sealing Systems for Bags

Our ultrasonic systems are used, amongst other things, to seal prefabricated, flat-ended bags and flat bags.

Ultrasonic Welding Systems for Cartons

The ultrasonic welding systems of SONOTRONIC are suitable for cartons which are coated with a weldable surface.

Ultrasonic Cutting Systems for Food

Whether in large industrial bakeries, in confectionery manufacture or cheese-making – our ultrasonic cutting technology is versatile in application.