Head Sealing Unit KSE

SONOTRONIC now supplies, as a supplement, mechanical sealing tongs for the pure ultrasonic components for free head sealing of upright and flat bags.

Pneumatic features

The KSE 250-100 head sealing unit has been specially adapted for the mechanical requirements of an ultrasonic sealing system. As a closed all-in system the head sealing unit can easily be integrated into existing or new bag filling systems, thus enabling manufacturers of packaging machines to convert to sustainable ultrasonic technology with one complete solution and use the whole spectrum of advantages ultrasonic technology provides.

No disturbing contours in the sealing area

In order to meet the parallelism requirements the ultrasonic system and the sealing anvil are mounted on a common continuous guidance system. This guidance system is arranged in a second plane above the tools so that the sealing area is completely free of additional disturbing contours.

Maximum sealing width

Because of the two-plane design the width of the mechanical sealing tongs is also equal to the maximum sealing width. In addition, the main body of the tongs has been designed specifically to meet the requirements regarding bending strength and guidance accuracy of an ultrasonic sealing system.

Customer-specific adaptations

The maximum stroke, speed profile and retention time of the head sealing unit can be freely reduced to the specific requirements by means of the servo drive. The servo drive itself is mounted in the vertical axis above the guidance system. The servo drive is coupled to the guidance system by means of crank mechanics with automatic tumbler in the sealing position. The head sealing unit can be mounted customer-specifically, for example over the guide rails at the top or bottom, or is also available with a stand foot housing integrating the servo control.


  • Ultrasonic tools and sealing tongs in one unit
  • Modular sonotrodes in 20, 30 or 35 kHz technology can be used
  • Common guidance system comprising the oscillating structure and anvil
  • Sealing strength specifically adjustable
  • Disturbing contours above tool level (not in the sealing area)
  • Speed profile, stroke and retention time-specifically adjustable
  • High guidance accuracy by means of recirculating roller guide
  • High sealing forces to avoid film displacement in the sealing process
  • Equipped with customer-specific servo drives


Maximum sealing width [mm] 250
Max. stroke [mm] 2 x 50
Max. closing force [N] 2.000
Number of cycles (cycles/min) at max. stroke 50
Max. air pressure [bars] 6
Electrical connected loads 3 x 400 V+N+PE 50 Hz
Reach on anvil side [mm] 95
Reach of sonotrode side [mm] at 35 kHz 336
Dimensions of sealing tongs W x H x T [mm] 250 x 800 x 186
Sealing tong housing WxHxT [mm] 250 x 800 x 700

Subject to alterations.

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