Tube Sealing Unit TSE

The completely newly designed ultrasonic tube sealing unit TSE seals the ends of tubes securely and tightly.

Tubes and complex laminate structures can be tightly welded or sealed with the individually adapted tool contours of the tube sealing unit. The highly compact, slim unit can easily be aligned with a module package for multi-web presslines.


  • 35 kHz ultrasonic technology
  • Ultrasonic tools and sealers in one unit
  • Complete system for integration in bottler lines
  • Continuous guide system for vibrator structure and anvil
  • Plane-parallel system of sonotrode and anvil
  • Sealing strength adjustable between 50 – 430 N
  • Interfering contours above tool level (not in the seal area)
  • Optional fixed stop

Technical data

Max. sealing width [mm] 90
Max. stroke [mm] 2 x 30
Max. closing force [N] 430
Number of cycles [cycles/min] at max. stroke 12
Max. air pressure [bar] 6
Reach on anvil side [mm] 164
Reach on sonotrode side [mm] at 35 kHz 456
Dimensions of sealing tongs W x H x D [mm] 90 x 240 x 620

Subject to alterations.

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