Special Machines

As ultrasonic specialists we design and build innovative special machines for processing plastics on an industrial scale. With over 2,000 projects successfully completed, we are market leader in the automotive industry.

SONOTRONIC special machines offer a wide range of potential applications for every sector. Apart from the production of ultrasonic, infrared or hot tool welding machines, we also develop and build special ultrasonic machines for punching, cutting, riveting and embossing thermoplastic material. If the job demands, we incorporate additional equipment, such as conveyors or gluing stations, in order to automate processes and combine working steps.

The special design of the machines is governed by the customer’s specific work process, the degree of automation and the application. If requested we design our special machines in such a way that they can be incorporated in existing production lines or machine concepts.

Every single special machine we develop is produced with maximum accuracy and precision. Our many years of experience in building special machines, our outstanding technical know-how and our feel for the optimum solution mean all serve to benefit our customers.

Sliding Table Machines

This concept offers clear advantages if there are one or more work areas and the loading area has to be kept free.

Rotary Indexing Plate Machines

Rotary indexing plate machines enable several processes to be conducted in parallel. They are used where there is a need for very short cycle times.

Tool Cassette Machines

Tool cassette machines have the advantage that the toolsets can be exchanged as cassettes. They are therefore particularly suited for the production of smaller batches of several different designs.

Robot Systems

Flexibility in production is achieved by state-of–the-art robot technology in conjunction with highly developed ultrasonic equipment.

Modular Punching Machines

As a pioneer in ultrasonic punching, SONOTRONIC is currently developing a new concept for processing bumpers, which will combine punching, cone stamping and joining.

Moving Top Platen Machines

Moving top platen machines are ideal for applications where ultrasonic welding or punching can be executed in one single station.

Other Special Machines

SONOTRONIC taps the full potential of possibilities, from the simple ultrasonic welding machine to the highly complex, special designs in order to find the optimum solution for the customer's particular applications.

Ultrasonic Oscillating Equipment

SONOTRONIC develops individual ultrasonic oscillating equipment for different applications for incorporation in existing machine concepts. Solutions, such as our patented sonotrode table, optimise processes due to the advantages of ultrasonic technology.

Hot Tool Machines

Hot tool machines with horizontal or vertical NC axis are suitable for welding large area joins or double shells made from thermoplastics.

Infrared Machines

With ultrasound and infrared solutions, SONOTRONIC now offers two complementary processes. If required, because of the material properties of the components, the standard and special machines are fitted with infrared units.