DNP iSONIC – Ultrasonic Handheld Welding Device

Our new DNP iSONIC handheld welding device has an ergonomic design and a sturdy cast aluminium housing featuring a quick-change mechanism for the sonotrode. Thanks to the integrated sonotrode cooling system, DNP iSONIC is also suitable for continuous use, e.g. for small series, manual workstations, repairs or finishing tasks.


areas of application

  • All types of Industries
  • Finishing tasks
  • Manual assembly stations
  • Manual welding tasks


  • Easy-to-use quick-change mechanism for the oscillating units
  • Integrated sonotrode cooling system controlled via the handle

housing and equipment

  • Revised, ergonomic design for precise sonotrode guidance
  • Sturdy housing made of cast aluminium for harsh operating conditions
  • Balancer fastener
  • Anti-kink protection of the cable at the inlet into the handheld welding device
  • Power supply cable connection via the generator
  • Case with room for the handheld welding device, ultrasonic generator and interchangeable tools


  • Sonic ON/OFF
  • Cooling air ON/OFF

technical data:

Working frequency [kHz]


Output power [W]

400 / 800 / 1.200

Mains voltage [V]


Compressed air pressure [bar]


Dimensions without the sonotrode (WxHxD) [mm] 50 x 263 x 193

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