NC iSONIC – Ultrasonic welding machine with servo drive and open control concept

NC iSONIC is an ultrasonic series welding machine with servo drive and open control concept. During the development phase, the modular design of the machine was of special importance to ensure that it can be flexibly adapted to different applications and part dimensions.

The modular concept and the mechanical and control-system-related design ensure that the machine can be used as a wide range of variants, for example as a welding unit, a machine without a base or as a benchtop machine. Optional accessories, such as a acoustic protection hood, sliding table or film feed unit can be integrated into the NC iSONIC machine via the interface modules. As a result, the machine can be upgraded at a later stage and, thereby, adapted to a wide range of applications.

Control components from Siemens simplify integration in customer networks thanks to standardised communication. In the PRO version (industrial PC with soft PLC) additional customised functions such as barcode, camera, data evaluation, remote maintenance and future Industry 4.0 applications can be easily implemented. It is also possible to integrate the welding unit, NC iSONIC Unit, without its own PLC in the production system control.

The NC iSONIC can be flexibly deployed and can be integrated in the designs NC iSONIC Integra and NC iSONIC Unit, even in existing or new machine concepts. This is primarily of interest, where series production using precise ultrasonic welding is a must. With our experience in building special machines and the joining of plastics, we support you with our engineering services in both the planning and construction of your installations using our components.

benchtop machine
NC iSONIC Integra
without the base
welding unit
Basic Pro
(mit IPC)
Basic Pro
(mit IPC)
Basic Pro
(mit IPC)
NC feed unit
Machine stand - -
Machine base with 2-hand operation - - - -
Ultrasonic generator
Integrated electrical cabinet slot - -
Control cabinet with IPC hardware - - -
Control cabinet with control system hardware - - -
Control device with integrated IPC - - -
Control device without IPC - - -
Control device holder - - - -
Tool change head
Cooling system
Flange-connected machine stands - - - -
NC feed unit fastening bracket - - - -
Servo & controller cable set (5/10/15 m) - - - -
Electrical cabinet cable set (5/10/15 m) - - - -

Accessories (optional)
Sliding table - - - -
Film feed unit - -
Sound protection hood (with single hand start) - - - -


The NC iSONIC is suitable for a wide variety of applications from different industries where highly precise welding processes are a must. The parameters for an ultrasonic welding process cover the ultrasonic (frequency, amplitude, time) and the mechanical requirements concerning the sonotrode positioning unit (working force, feed rate).

The energy that is produced in the ultrasonic generator causes the sonotrode to oscillate with a small amplitude (a few micrometres) and a frequency between 20 and 35 kHz (ultrasonic frequency range). The welding time determines the time during which the ultrasound acts on the workpiece to be welded. To fuse a (plastic) workpiece, a precise feed system with a variable working force and adjustable feed rate is required in addition to an oscillating sonotrode. In terms of the NC iSONIC, SONOTRONIC ensures all this with the aid of a servomotor which is integrated in a smart control concept.

Technical data – NC iSONIC

Type/working frequency [kHz] 20 30 / 35
Electrical connected value [V AC/A] 230 / 10
Mains frequency [Hz] 50
Compressed air [bar], optional 6
Welding force [N] 100 – 3.000 25 – 600
Feed rate max. [mm/s] 200
Welding unit working stroke [mm] 0 ... 350
Clamping plate [mm] 300 x 300 x 12
Weight [kg] 200 1.360
Dimensions (W x H x D) [mm] 640 x 1.455 x 770 640 x 1.300 x 725

Electrical data – generator USG iSONIC

See USG iSONIC digital ultrasonic generators



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