ECOFLEX iSONIC – Compact welding cabin with exchangeable tool cassette

The new ultrasonic welding cabin, ECOFLEX iSONIC, is available as a completely revised concept. The highlight here is first and foremost the working area: Individually tailored to match the application in question, it is now integrated as an interchangeable tool cassette in the cabin. The replacement of the cassette can be performed both from the operating side and also from the rear side of the machine.

The tool cassette has a modular structure and is equipped with 20, 30 or 35 kHz ultrasonic technology for surface, piercing and rivet type joints. Also, small punching applications can be implemented. For this SONOTRONIC uses its own highly developed ultrasonic components. All ultrasonic components as well as the holding tools are developed and produced in our own production facilities based on the workpiece CAD data. Likewise, programming of the PLC control and remote maintenance is performed directly in-house.

The ECOFLEX iSONIC enables changing over of the working area, which is fitted by default as a tool cassette, from either the front or rear side. This means that multiple workpieces can be processed in individual working areas on one and the same machine. Alongside storage space in production, this is a primary saver of investment costs. With a tool change trolley and smooth-running ball bearings in the machine interior, the tool cassette can be changed quickly and ergonomically. The insertion or removal of the tool cassette can be performed via both the operating and rear side. To do so, both sides have wide opening areas, which is also helpful for maintenance.


  • Flexible machine concept thanks to tool change function
  • Available in three different cabin widths (external dimension): 1,700 mm/2,100 mm/2,500 mm
  • Proven components
  • High quality
  • Short delivery times
  • Attractive prices


  • For surface, piercing and rivet joints using ultrasound (also heating element or infrared riveting possible)
  • Small-sized ultrasonic punching
  • Small and medium-sized parts


  • In all plastics processing industries:
      • Automotive industry, e.g.: Fitted small assemblies in centre consoles, instrument panels or door panels such as tweeters, door inner actuators, trim panels, storage compartments or cup holders
      • Household goods industry, e.g.: Control elements, covers, observation windows, accessories for dishwasher baskets
      • Electronics industry, e.g. lights, control panels
      • Toy industry, e.g.Toy boat


  • Front can be completely folded up through 90° for maintenance purposes and tool changes
  • Pneumatically operated lifting door with large viewing panel plus single-hand start and safety edge or light curtain (optional)
  • Automatic coupling for electro-pneumatic energy supply of the tool cassette
  • Working area configured as a tool cassette with components for 20, 30 and/or 35 kHz ultrasonic technology:
    • Completely removable and exchangeable on operating and rear side
    • Upgrading of the acoustic protection cabin for high-noise applications (optional)
    • Pneumatic vertical stroke with 300 mm stroke length (optional)
    • Sliding table stroke with NC axis up to 400 mm (standard = 300 mm) (optional)
  • Touchpanel with intuitive user guidance
  • Configurable function columns with ergonomic arrangement of the operating elements
      • Emergency stop
      • Start button (capacitive)
      • Variable operator messaging system (EKS/Chip/Card system)
      • Service sockets (230V/Ethernet/USB)
      • Connection, barcode reader
      • Handheld welding device (optional)
      • Status light
      • Left/right operating sides flange-connected pivoting control panel
  • Ergonomic loading conditions (loading width, loading height, loading depth)
  • Rear ventilated electrical cabinet integrated in the lower part
  • Integrated forklift mountings for safe and simple transport

technical data
Dimensions (WxHxD) [mm]1.700 x 2.600 x 1.2002.100 x 2.600 x 1.2002.100 x 2.600 x 1.200
Dimensions working area (WxHxD) [mm] 800 x 1.250 x 500 1.200 x 1.250 x 500 1.600 x 1.250 x 500
Vertical stroke (optional) [mm] 300
Axle stroke sliding table (optional) max. [mm] 400
Number of feed units max. 24
Number of ultrasonic generators max. 6
Working frequencies [kHz] 20, 30 AND/OR 35

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