Ultrasonic Systems for Welding, Cutting, Punching and Embossing

As an ultrasound specialist, SONOTRONIC provides solutions for intermittent welding, cutting, punching and embossing of thermoplastic textiles and nonwoven. Injection mouldings can also be joined to textiles using ultrasound.

High-strength, visually appealing welds and cleanly sealed cut edges that do not fray are significant advantages of ultrasound compared with other methods, such as sewing with thread or joining and separating with heat. Ultrasound offers the additional advantages that the elasticity of the material can be maintained by partial spot welding and injection mouldings can also be welded to thermoplastic textiles. Cut&Seal applications, where material is trimmed or cut out in one process and simultaneously welded at the edges, have become established.

Our ultrasonic systems for welding, cutting, punching and embossing are already used in various industries, for example:

  • Welding corsetry, surgical gowns, sports equipment or Velcro fastenings
  • Cutting to length, trimming and punching of textiles, such as seat belts, airbags or dog leads
  • Embossing (company) logos in corsetry or working clothes.

Every day in our laboratory we test new potential applications and respond to customer-specific requirements.

Subject to alterations.

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