Anvil and holding tool

Anvil and holding tool are steady bearings for the sonotrode and hence an important constituent of the welding process.

The anvil is the non-shape-related steady bearing for the sonotrode. In the case of non-formatted applications, we develop and manufacture anvils in different versions and geometries that are adapted to the (welding) task. With extremely precise surfaces, we achieve seam images down to the µ-range.

Technical data:

  • Free or application-specific design, e.g. strip-shaped, rectangular or round
  • Optically appealing seam images (down to the µ-range).

The holding tool is the shape-related steady bearing for the sonotrode or welding tools. For high precision work we adapt the holders geometrically  to the workpiece being machined and to the necessary oscillation behaviour.

Based on original components or using customer-specific CAD data, the holding tools are individually designed in our in-house pattern-making department and then manufactured.

Technical data:

  • Preferred materials: steel, aluminium, brass, cast resins (cushioning effect, for sensitive surfaces), cork (see cast resin)
  • Special solutions for complex components (e.g. clamping mechanism, ejectors, split holders or holders with different insert positions for the different component variants)