SONOTRONIC offers a large number of converter types in order to achieve the best results for each application. The converters transform the electrical oscillations produced by the ultrasonic generator into mechanical sound waves.

The ultrasonic converters are fitted with 4 or 6 ceramic discs, depending on the application. The latter are predominantly used in the packaging industry and for continuous use. The oscillations are best transferred to the ultrasonic workpiece through the ceramic discs, thereby reducing process times and ensuring high process reliability. The top quality housings are very strong and long-lasting and have various HF interfaces.

Technical data:

  • Frequencies: 20, 30 and 35 kHz
  • Power: 20 kHz to 4,000 W, 30 kHz to 2,000 W, 35 kHz to 1,200 W
  • Latest state of the art, strong construction and highly efficient
  • Long life
  • Maximum sound output as a result of ideal oscillation characteristics
  • Short process times and very high process reliability
  • converter housing
    • With Retaining ring (clamping ring)
    • Up to protection class IP68 available
    • optional cooling air connections
    • optional stainless steel version
  • Converter also available for rotary applications