Special design feed units

Particularly when building special machines, special solutions regarding the design of the feed units are required in certain cases.

If, for example, welding areas are difficult to access, space is limited or if extreme height differences have to be overcome between welding points, then standard feed units cannot be used.

For such situations, SONOTRONIC develops appropriate feed units to meet the requirements of customer and application. With our many years of experience in building special ultrasonic machines, we will find a solution to every problem and the perfect feed unit for every task.

Examples of special solutions achieved to date:

  • Where space is limited
    • Compact feed unit
    • Short-stroke feed unit
    • Feed unit 35 in narrow design (converter width)
  • For welding points that are difficult to access
    • Return stroke feed unit
    • Angle feed unit
  • For extreme height differences
    • Tandem feed unit with two separate welding stacks

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