USG iSONIC – digital ultrasonic generators

Digital ultrasonic generators of the USG iSONIC series made by SONOTRONIC enable a fast and precise process control and offer numerous additional advantages.


  • Factory-provided software for the parameterisation of the welding curves to ensure a perfect adaptation to specific applications.
  • Data collection and transfer for the qualitative evaluation and optimisation of the ultrasound process with the aid of welding curves, tables and error evaluation.
  • Profinet interface for the integration of the generators in the machine control systems.
  • Remote access for quick diagnosis, configuration and process optimisation support provided by SONOTRONIC experts.


The USG iSONIC generator series covers the entire ultrasound technology application spectrum in the plastics processing field.

  • Ultrasonic welding, cutting, punching, riveting (staking) and embossing of thermoplastics, films and textiles
  • Suitable for all types of industries

Functional characteristics

  • Frequency tuning for every welding process
  • Amplitude stabilisation during the entire process
  • Precise and fast oscillation start in under 50 ms
  • Optional minimal amplitude <50%
  • External hardware start for the synchronisation of multiple generators (also without industrial Ethernet)
  • Optional parameterisable control of the energy setpoints (thermal correction) in the event of external material and/or machine heating

Operating modes

  • Power-monitored welding
  • Time-monitored welding
  • Energy-monitored welding
  • Contact shut-off

Monitoring functions

  • Time
  • Power
  • Energy
  • Contact shut-off


  • Closed stainless-metal casing, IP20, for installation in a control cabinet
  • Optional stand-alone case for operation without a control cabinet
  • Active cooling system
  • Connecting cable infeed into the housing from below

Hardware features

  • Temperature and overcurrent monitoring of the power module
  • Profinet
  • Remote access via an external router

Technical data

Working frequency* [kHz]20 (+/-500 Hz)30 (+/-500 Hz)35 (+/-500 Hz)
Output power* [W] 2.000 2.000 400 / 800 / 1.200
Mains voltage [V], mains frequency [Hz] 230 (L, N, PE), 50/60
Rated current [A] 10,6 11,0 2,4 / 4,3 / 6,0
Mains fuse [A] 2 x T 12,5 (Internal)
Switch-on duration 50 %
Case dimensions without a mounting plate (w x h x d) [mm] 100 x 285 x 270
Case dimensions with a mounting plate (w x h x d) [mm] 100 x 333 x 271

* Selectable ultrasound equipment of the USG iSONIC generators


Subject to technical changes.

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