USG iSONIC G10 Digital ultrasonic generators

The high-performance device USG iSONIC G10 is a 20 kHz generator offering an output power of 4,000 W in a very compact format including active cooling. The generator was designed for the increased requirements and high power in the ultrasonic high performance range.


  • Software-supported commissioningby the ultrasonic Diagnostic System(UDS).
  • Data collection and transfer through Profinet interface.
  • Integration into the machine control unit through the Profinet interface.
  • Optional remote access via router on the machine side and UDS to the generator possible.


The USG iSONIC G10 can be used for the entire application range of ultrasonic technology in plastics processing. Whether ultrasonic welding, cutting, punching, riveting and embossing of thermoplastics, films or textiles, it finds areas of application in all industries.

Functional Characteristcs

  • Frequency tuning for every welding process
  • Amplitude stabilization or power stabilization during the entire process
  • Repeatable oscillation buildup performance
  • External hardware start for the synchronization of multiple generators possible
  • Optional parameterizable control of the energy setpoints (thermal correction) in the event of external material and/or machine heating

Welding process

  • Start signal
  • Contact
  • Energy
  • Time

Monitoring process

  • Power
  • Contact
  • Energy
  • Time


  • Closed stainless-metal casing, IP20, for installation in a control cabinet
  • Active cooling system
  • All connecting cables from the front of the housing supplied

Hardware features

  • Fully digital control with state-ofthe- art FPGA technology
  • Power supply unit with monitoring of undervoltage and phase errors
  • Temperature and overcurrent monitoring of the power module
  • Temperature regulated fan
  • Profinet
  • JTAG interface for service maintenance

Technical data

Working frequency [kHz] 20 (+/-500 Hz)
Output power [W] 4.000
Mains voltage [V], mains frequency [Hz] 3 x 400 (L1-L3, N, PE), 50/60
Rated current [A] 3 x 11
Mains fuse [A] 3 x T 12,5 (internal)
Switch-on duration 75 %
Case dimension (w x h x d) [mm] 183 x 322 x 271


Subject to technical changes.