USG iSONIC G12 Digital ultrasonic generators

The digital ultrasonic generators of the USG iSONIC G12 series bring many other advantages in addition to fast and precise control of the process.


  • Software-supported commissioning by the ultrasonic Diagnostic System (UDS).
  • Data collection and transfer through Profinet interface.
  • Integration into the machine control unit through the Profinet interface.
  • Optional remote access via router on the machine side and UDS to the generator possible.


  • Ultrasonic welding, cutting, punching, riveting (staking) and embossing of thermoplastics, films and textiles
  • Suitable for all types of industries

Functional characteristics

  • Frequency tuning for every welding process
  • Amplitude stabilization or power stabilization during the entire process
  • Repeatable oscillation buildup performance
  • External hardware start for the synchronization of multiple generators possible
  • Optional parameterizable control of the energy setpoints (thermal correction) in the event of external material and/or machine heating

Welding process

  • Start signal
  • Time
  • Energy
  • Contact

Monitoring process

  • Time
  • Power
  • Energy
  • Contact


  • Closed stainless-metal casing, IP20, for installation in a control cabinet
  • Active cooling system
  • All connecting cables from the front of the housing supplied

Hardware features

  • Fully digital control with state-of-the-art FPGA technology
  • PFC power supply for reducing mains load with monitoring of undervoltage
  • Temperature and overcurrent monitoring of the power module
  • Profinet
  • JTAG interface for service maintenance

Technical data

Working frequency* [kHz]20 (+/-500 Hz)30 (+/-500 Hz)35 (+/-500 Hz)
Output power* [W] 2.000 1.800 400 / 800 / 1.200
Mains voltage [V], mains frequency [Hz] 230 (L, N, PE), 50/60
Rated current [A] 10,6 11,0 2,4 / 4,3 / 6,0
Mains fuse [A] 2 x T 12,5 (internal)
Switch-on duration 40 % 50 %

100 % / 50% / 50%

Case dimensions without a mounting plate (w x h x d) [mm] 100 x 285 x 270
Case dimensions with a mounting plate (w x h x d) [mm] 100 x 333 x 271

* Selectable ultrasonic equipment of the USG iSONIC generators
Subject to technical changes.