Ultrasonic Components

SONOTRONIC offers the complete range of ultrasonic components for processing plastics. We develop and manufacture the generators, converters, boosters, sonotrodes, anvils and holding tools in our own workshops, based on our many years of experience.

We offer our ultrasonic components for sale as single and spare parts and even install them in our ultrasonic systems and standard and special machines. This guarantees excellent quality and the best product characteristics.

Detailed information on the functioning and mode of action of ultrasound together with the various ultrasound technologies can be found here.

USG iSONIC G10 Digital ultrasonic generators

The high-performance device USG iSONIC G10 is a 20 kHz generator offering an output power of 4,000 W in a very compact format including active cooling. The generator was designed for the increased requirements and high power in the ultrasonic high performance range.

USG iSONIC G12 Digital ultrasonic generators

The digital ultrasonic generators of the USG iSONIC G12 series bring many other advantages in addition to fast and precise control of the process.

Ultrasonic Generators Type DN 35 M / MD and DN 20 M / MD

The DN 35 M/MD and DN 20 M/MD ultrasonic generators in the power range from 400 to 4000 W are designed for the more stringent requirements of high-performance ultrasonic applications.


SONOTRONIC offers a large number of converter types in order to achieve the best results for each application. The converters transform the electrical oscillations produced by the ultrasonic generator into mechanical sound waves.


SONOTRONIC’s programme of components includes boosters (amplitude transformation units) for ultrasonic frequencies of 20, 30 and 35 kHz in different transformation ratios.


The sonotrodes conduct the ultrasonic oscillation into the workpiece. We individually tailor-make the sonotrodes for the respective application and to meet customer requirements and use the Finite Element Method (FEM) for their development.

Anvil and holding tool

Anvil and holding tool are steady bearings for the sonotrode and hence an important constituent of the welding process.

Feed units type VE 35, VE 30 and VE 20

The VE 35, VE 30 and VE 20 feed units are used to fix an ultrasonic welding stack.

Special design feed units

Particularly when building special machines, special solutions regarding the design of the feed units are required in certain cases.