Benefit from the intensive research, the intelligent solutions and the innovative products of SONOTRONIC, so that you can continue to stay active and competitive in the international high-tech market and in industrial sectors, which have a promising future.

Ultrasonic Components

SONOTRONIC offers the complete range of ultrasonic components for processing plastics. We develop and manufacture the generators, converters, boosters, sonotrodes, anvils and holding tools in our own workshops, based on our many years of experience.

Standard Machines

Our high-performance standard machines are versatile and their build quality tried and tested.

Special Machines

As ultrasonic specialists we design and build innovative special machines for processing plastics on an industrial scale. With over 2,000 projects successfully completed, we are market leader in the automotive industry.

Packaging Technology

Our systems and solutions for sealing, welding, cutting and punching different types of packaging are based on highly developed ultrasonic technology.

Textile Processing

SONOTRONIC’s portfolio of textile processing products includes components and systems as well as standard and special machines. Thermoplastic textiles and nonwoven can be welded, cut, punched, embossed and even thermoset and washed, using our highly developed ultrasonic technology.

Environmental Engineering

With the High-Output Ultrasonic Reactor, SONOTRONIC developed a product, which gives best results in terms of economy and ecology, either singly or as part of a system. The potential users are operators of local authority and industrial waste water treatment and biogas plants.
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