Environmental Sector

SONOTRONIC develops and produces ultrasonic systems for the environmental sector, in particular to optimise the efficiency of waste water treatment plants and biogas plants. In addition, we offer our customers preliminary tests and feasibility studies in this field.

By developing processes and applications for the sonication of biosolids, waste water and water, using ultrasound, we have opened up a large future-proof market – the environmental sector. Today we are already one of the leading producers of ultrasonic systems in this field.

The use of our ultrasonic technology in existing waste water treatment plants and biogas plants can considerably increase their cost effectiveness. The simple retrofitting of an ultrasonic system, which is exactly tailored to the particular installation, will suffice to increase the yield of the existing biosolids. Sonication of sewage sludge in waste water treatment plants has the effect of reducing the volume of residual sludge and at the same time generating biogas, which can be used to cover the energy needs of the waste water treatment plant itself. In biogas plants, the sonication of bio-mass implies an increase in efficiency, by intensifying the digestion process and increasing the methane content of the biogas.

With regard to the fact that the importance of renewable energy will continue to grow in future and that it is already receiving government grants, it may be of interest for local authority, industrial and also private plant operators to optimise their systems using ultrasound technology from SONOTRONIC.

In close co-operation with our partners, ULTRAWAVES Wasser & Umwelttechnologien GmbH and the University of Hamburg-Harburg (TU), we, as sole producer have developed our technology to meet the special requirements of the environmental sector. Accordingly, our products of high quality and have great functionality.

Thanks to our national and international distribution network, we have, since the market launch of the ultrasonic reactor in 2002, installed countless systems in Germany and in over 20 countries worldwide. The trend is continuing to grow.

The efficiency and innovation of the High-Output Ultrasonic Reactor have been recognised several times by the Award of the “Initiative Mittelstand” (2006) and the Innovation Award of the State of Baden-Württemberg – Dr.-Rudolf-Eberle-Award (2007).

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