Food Industry

In the food industry, the use of ultrasound technology makes it possible to solve tricky cutting and separation problems. For this purpose, SONOTRONIC develops customised ultrasonic units and assemblies.

Ultrasonic technology enables cutting and separation processes for various products in the food industry to be automated. Special tools (sonotrodes), which are made to oscillate by ultrasound, cut the particular product into pieces. As the geometry and oscillation behaviour of the sonotrodes determine the cut, we match the sonotrodes individually to the particular applications and their requirements. As a result of the oscillation and the optional coating, the nonstick characteristics of the cutting sonotrodes are especially good. Cutting by ultrasound also makes it possible to cut both very soft and very hard products efficiently.

The ultrasonic units and assemblies of SONOTRONIC can be easily integrated into existing machine concepts. We develop and manufacture our products specifically according to the wishes of our customers. We have already successfully implemented numerous applications, such as:

  • Cutting and separating cake, meringues and other baking products
  • Lengthways and crossways cutting of sweet biscuits on both sides
  • Cutting cheese into slices or pieces
  • Controlled cutting of pretzels
  • Ultrasonic processing of packaging of various food industry products

We would be happy to advise you and to conduct industrial cutting tests on your products using ultrasound.

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