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SONOTRONIC is opening up new possibilities in packaging technology with the patented sonotrode table and the incorporation of ultrasonic technology into combined deep-draw packaging processes. Individual packaging can be produced economically and without damaging the environment.

SONOTRONIC is your competent partner for solving tricky, individual packaging problems. Advice and know-how in tool design are particularly important and are amongst our core skills. Using our many years’ experience, we develop and manufacture ultrasonic units and assemblies, as well as complex special machines, based on our innovative ultrasonic technology.


We have already successfully implemented numerous high-quality applications with optimum results:

  • Welding and sealing stand-up and flat pouches, e.g. for drinks cartons or animal feed
  • Welding, sealing, separating and punching form-fill-seal-bags and pouches, e.g. wound pads or urine bags
  • Welding and sealing thermoplastic-coated cartons, e.g. for milk or juice cartons
  • Welding, sealing, separating and punching blister packs, cups and trays, e.g. for coffee capsules, coffee pads, drugs, hygiene articles or electronic consumer goods
  • Welding and sealing tubes, for example, for toothpaste
  • Punching out and shaping folding boxes, e.g. for gifts

Properties and advantages

Ultrasonic welding is ideal for sealing packaging, because the welds are air and water tight and even areas contaminated, for example, by grease, liquids, fibres or powders, can be worked. Another advantage of sealing by ultrasound is that no adhesives or solvents are required, which means that type-specific recycling is possible and at the same time cleaning can be dispensed with. In general, ultrasound technology is very eco-friendly because energy consumption is comparatively very low on account of the short welding or stamping process. Furthermore, very thin packaging materials can be used, which is beneficial, both economically and ecologically, for the production of packaging.

With ultrasound, different materials can be worked on their own or in combination, e.g. PP, PVC, PE, PET, composites or films and non-woven materials. The welds are of long-term, high quality, because ultrasound reproduces visually perfect and durable welding results. Because the tools in ultrasound technology are cold, this makes them ideal for packaging heat-sensitive goods. “Cold” welding also means that no damage is caused to the packaging materials when the machines are started and stopped.

Sonotrode table – combined sealing and seperation

SONOTRONIC has succeeded in combining the sealing and separation processes in deep-draw packaging machines: the packagings are sealed and separated in one process by ultrasonic punching, using the patented sonotrode table. The combined deep-draw packaging machines therefore work much more efficiently, because faster cycle times are achieved with lower energy consumption.

Because the sonotrodes on the sonotrode table are arranged in a flat welding zone, the design or shape of the packaging is very flexible. Individual anvil impressions provide for customer and application-specific solutions.

Consulting and applications engineering

We develop all our special machines and system solutions so that they are individually tailored to our customers’ applications. Our ultrasonic units and assemblies can easily be integrated into existing machine concepts.

By holding non-binding consultancy and practical tests, we can find solutions to your individual applications of welding and sealing packaging by ultrasound. We would be pleased to invite you to informative discussions or practical demonstrations or we could visit you at your premises.


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