Textile Industry

Our ultrasonic machines, systems and components are used in the textile industry for making up. Our ultrasonic heat-setting and washing offer environmentally-friendly solutions for textile finishing.

Products and applications

For the textile industry we develop and manufacture market-orientated solutions. Our range of machines includes:

Properties and advantages

A significant advantage of SONOTRONIC solutions for the textile industry is that, compared with other technologies, they save a lot of energy. Even at maximum output and when producing optimum results, ultrasonic machines are extremely efficient. Many applications and processes in the textile industry are optimised by the advantages of ultrasonic technologies. Welding, roll seam welding, cutting, punching and embossing of textiles by ultrasound have already become established in the market. We also incorporate various ultrasonic technologies into individual, special textile processing machines, which we build for customised applications.

SONOTRONIC has also transferred the positive characteristics of ultrasound to other applications and developed patented solutions for thermofixing and washing of narrow ware with ultrasonics. Though we work closely with research institutions.

With our tried and tested and innovative technologies, we are setting standards in the textile industry. Our customers regard us as a competent partner, who is capable of offering solutions to the problems of textile finishing. We will be glad to advise you and to conduct practical textile finishing tests on your behalf.