Project Consulting

In addition to conventional advice about component design and machine concepts for customized special machines and equipment, SONOTRONIC offers you the special tools of “Simultaneous Engineering” within your product development

We will assist you in an advisory capacity when you are planning new series production lines or expanding existing production. Together, we will allow your ideas to germinate and will develop them up to the finished machine concept. We will use our technologies to test the feasibility of your projects and will find solutions, for example, to welding, punching or cutting problems. Our specialists will assist you with CAD tool design while you are designing your components. In addition, we will co-operate with you directly and design the welding tools (sonotrodes), while you are designing the injection moulding process.

If you decide on “Simultaneous Engineering” with SONOTRONIC, you will enjoy the following advantages, which will become noticeable, particularly when working complex work pieces:

  • Reduced design and development time
  • No subsequent structural revision grinding to optimise connection technology
  • Optimised weld join design and avoidance of over and under-dimensioning of the weld join.
  • No, or reduced additional work stations within the machine concept
  • Assured, technology-adapted design
  • Efficient cost reduction in respect of the component and the machine concept

Our project consulting and concepts are based on the universal principles of connecting technology and are not specific to any manufacturer. We will be happy to co-operate with you at your company, at your design partners, at our company or video-conferencing. We will clarify the details and then prepare a non-binding quotation for our services and for executing the project.

We have already successfully completed numerous plastics processing projects for customers from the automotive, packaging and textile industries. These include, for example, ultrasonic welding machines, ultrasonic assemblies for incorporation in existing machine concepts or robot systems for flexible, ultrasonic punching solutions. In co-operating with SONOTRONIC you are deciding on quality, state-of-the-art technology and experience.

If you require further information, are interested or if you have an actual enquiry, we are here to help. Please contact the person alongside.

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