Research and Development

In our R&D laboratory, we develop new applications for the use of ultrasound and other technologies and continuously improve existing processes. We will also do customised sample work for you and advise you until the ideal solution is found.

In the R&D work of SONOTRONIC, our customers see competent partners offering advice and solving problems in plastics and textile processing, using ultrasonic, infrared and hot plate technologies. Environmental engineering is another area of innovative development. Through commercial partnerships and scientific co-operation, as well as our closeness to our customers and the different markets, we have succeeded in constantly developing and improving our technologies.

Our years of experience and special technical knowledge enable us to respond flexibly to our customers and to answer your questions on applications, technologies and developments. Our sales team will be glad to advise you on your home ground. We will conduct non-binding preliminary tests on specimens for you and analyse the results in a report.

We will also research and test, in our R&D laboratory, all the parameters necessary to process a workpiece in order to achieve reproducible results. We will gain important knowledge that is decisive for the success of the project, such as:

  • Matching the workpiece to the technology
  • Use of ultrasonic components
  • Design of the sonotrodes and anvils
  • Design of the workpiece holders
  • Cycle times
  • Typical workpiece characteristics
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