We develop our products on the basis of innovative technologies. Intensive research, many years of experience and our outstanding know-how help us continuously to improve existing processes and to open up new areas of application.


Ultrasound is an innovative technology with many different applications in various areas. Because of its technical advantages, ultrasound is replacing many established technologies.


As a specialist in plastics joining technologies and in building special machines, SONOTRONIC has expanded its portfolio and now offers infrared feed units for riveting in addition to ultrasonic feed units.

Hot Plate

The principle of hot plate technologies is based on an external heat supply. The applications are performed with the help of electrically heated hot plates or cutting blades.

Hot Air

Hot air riveting is a joining technique in which the material is not damaged, but gently formed. This process is particularly suitable for materials that tend to show marks when processed with other riveting techniques.
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