Ultrasonic Roll Seam Welding

Ultrasonic roll seam welding is suitable for continuous welding of large films, width fabric, non-woven or textile fabrics. The result is continuous welds without interruption.

Ultrasonic roll seam welding operates according to the same principle as ultrasonic welding. The difference essentially resides in the fact that continuous seams are produced as a result of the discoidal sonotrode. In order to achieve this, the roll seam sonotrode runs on bearings on both sides. Sonotrodes made ​​of hardened steel are extremely resistant to wear, e.g. for Cut&Seal applications (simultaneous cutting and welding).

The technology is very flexible in application: for example, in the case of circumference welds of round parts, different versions with different diameters can be processed by roll seam technology, using the same sonotrodes on one welding device. In the textile industry, ultrasonic roll seam welding machines are replacing traditional sewing machines. Fabrics made from thermoplastic fibres are then no longer sewn with a thread, but welded by ultrasound, which is particularly advantageous for obtaining the elasticity of the material.

More and more applications and products can be executed and improved by roll seam technology. SONOTRONIC is the leading systems supplier of ultrasonic assemblies for roll seam welding in the market, particularly in the textile industry. We also incorporate the technology, according to application, into special machines for various sectors.